written by: Li Mei Wah, Venus

‘Be Fair Be Vegan’ (BFBV) is a 4-week campaign introduced in August 2016 in New York. It is a social campaign through the partnership of two non-profit organizations, Be Fair Be Vegan (BFBV) and Gentle World, to promote the idea of uncompromising veganism (Be Vegan) and ultimately ending all animal use for the sake of a truly fair society (Be Fair). There is strong emphasis on ‘fairness’ and ‘justice’ from the brand name, ‘Be Fair Be Vegan’ , that could be presented as a message for the worldwide animal justice campaign instead of a normal name of an organization.

A Campaign that Feels
BFBV is an outdoor focused campaign. Expressive and evocative closed-up images of commonly edible animals are featured with affective quotes/messages to remind passersby that animals could feel pain and emotions just like humans.

(1) Two enormous digital moving billboards are set up at the highest traffic intersection hub of downtown Manhattan, Times Square and Jacob Javits Center.

(2) Over 200 posters are set up in numerous high traffic locations around New York City.

Photo from: http://www.befairbevegan.com/times-square-nyc.html

By doing so, BFBV advertisements are potentially reaching 3 million passersby each week. As a result, people from all walks of life that agrees to the advocacy created lots of photos/videos of the billboards and leave emotional comments on the social media.

A Reflection on Merits
The merits of the BFBV campaign are manifold: First, a good location with organic traffic to promote a social marketing idea related to veganism and fairness in the society. According to press interviews with BFBV organizers, New York City is chosen for first launch of the campaign to gain attention from the largest number of citizens in America.

Photo from: http://vegfestexpress.co.uk/tabs/blog/2016/8/be-fair-be-vegan-a-high-profile-billboard-campaign

Second, simple colors and eye-catching creative execution makes the campaign easy to understand and appealing. Helplessness of the animals stands out prominently . A lot of buzz is generated from citizens of New York.

Photo from: http://vegfestexpress.co.uk/tabs/blog/2016/8/be-fair-be-vegan-a-high-profile-billboard-campaign

Photo from: http://vegfestexpress.co.uk/tabs/blog/2016/8/be-fair-be-vegan-a-high-profile-billboard-campaign

However, a suggested follow up on the campaign is to find ways to spread the word faster. Other than just promoting the advocacy in the city of New York, could consider spreading out faster. If veganism is a trend to capitalize on, perhaps something more global could be done through the digital platform for impact. Other than like, comment and share, some actionable suggestions could be handy to engage the public.

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