written by: Law Ching Hang, Cherry

Clarins Double Serum (賦活雙精華) launched in 2013 is a serum that revitalizes the skin and keeps it looking young. Clarins launches a new ad for the product recently with the key message of “A double triumph over time”. Four celebrities aged between 24 to 60 are invited to share their stories of success.

photo credit: https://clarinshk.youthistimeless.com



The four celebrities, each tells the story of how they go after their dreams by breaking through the constraints of age. Reflecting on the key story messages, the Double Serum helps women today to overcome the constraints of age by revitalizing their skin and maintaining a youthful appearance. Many women generally perceive age as a limitation in their lives. The ad message is trying to create resonance from women as it suggests a possible solution to their concerns, because women, despite their age, can all be as beautiful and confident.

Rethinking the choice of celebrities and the strategy of “one size fits all”

The advertisement features four celebrities including Stephanie Au, Carmen Leung, Denise Yeung and Miru Wong. Stephanie Au is relatively more famous than the others and the emphasis put on her story is also higher. Stephanie is a celebrity that maintains a high exposure in the media. Apart from participating in a variety of TV shows, she has also served as the advertising face for different corporates and events such as Physiogel and the New World Harbor Race. The diversity of her endorsement work hardly places her in a unique position as the face for the Clarins brand, which may limits the effectiveness of the ad. It is also questionable whether Clarins brand could differentiate itself from competitors.

On the other hand, the wide age range of the four celebrities may confuse consumers. The youngest is Stephanie Au at the age of 24 and the oldest is Carmen Leung at the age of 60. The age range covers young adults all the way to silver hair generations. For skincare products, age is one of the important considerations to segment the potential consumers. This is because women of different ages need to tackle different skin problems. They may have particular needs that affect their choice of skincare products. When the age range is so wide, consumers may doubt the effectiveness of the “one-size-fits-all” product proposition. Since the product focuses on revitalizing the skin and anti-aging, it is perhaps more appropriate to target the more mature women whose skin texture is more related to aging.

To conclude, the ad is trying to create a striking message that resonates in the mind all women who concerns about aging. However, it is doubtful whether the celebrities could stand out from crowd and their wide age range featured may also lead consumers to think twice before buying into the effectiveness of the product.