written by: Woo Yuen Ching, Rachel

As an Instagram addict and a food lover, I can’t help being attracted by the Land O’ Lake “Delete to Feed” campaign. Land O’ Lake, an American farmer-owned agricultural cooperative, started the campaign Delete to Feed in September 2016. Instagram account owners are invited to connect their account to the Delete to Feed website (https://deletetofeed.com/); then with every food related post deleted, Land O’ Lakes will donate 11 meals to Feeding America, the largest nationwide hunger-relief charity. As of February 2017, around 350K meals have been donated [1]. The campaign has generated a lot of on-going discussions both in mainstream news channels and social media.

After connecting the Instagram account, choose a food photo and delete it.

A badge will be awarded and it can be shared on social media.

Embrace Contemporary Technology
This campaign links the virtual world of social media to real world actions. Delete to Feed makes use of Instagram, an extremely popular social media platform with over 400 million daily active users [2], to do charitable work in real life. The campaign has managed to influence not only Netizens (by raising their awareness towards hunger and encourage them to donate), but also to change the lives of the people living in hunger. As a charity social campaign, its success should be measured by whether help is actually delivered to people in need.

Exploit the ‘Food Porn’ Trend on Social Media
There are over 100 million photos hashtagged #foodporn on Instagram. The campaign gets into the heart of this popular trend on Instagram to make millions of ‘food porn’ participants to face and respond to an imminent social issue. A new meaning is crowned to food posts, not by posting more, but by deleting some. Instagram users are reminded of how blessed they are when compared to people living in hunger. To the many Instagram users who have posted food photo before, the campaign tactfully increases the chance of charity donations.

As Good as Making a Donation the Conventional Way
The campaign design makes it very easy to act on. Deleting a photo on the Instagram just require a few clicks of the button, thus removing the barrier of donating money the conventional way. The feel good factor of doing actual charity work is in place. The encouragement to share the badge received online becomes an instrument for further the viral effect. Earning others’ likes and praises increase psychological satisfaction to those participated.

Brand building through Corporate Social Responsibility Advocacy
As a brand, Land O’ Lakes is molding a brand attitude that is responsible, upfront innovative and cares much about the community. As a food company, forming a partnership with a charity in the context of food donation is so much better than direct donation. Delete to Feed is a corporate brand campaign echoing the brand’s commitment ‘to address the global challenge of food security and working together for the common good’ [3]. In turn, greatly enhances consumers’ top-of-mind purchase intention towards Land O’ Lakes products.

The merits of the campaign may not be able to turn around foodies’ routine of posting food photos online. However, I believe the campaign offers a simple and light-hearted way to contribute to the global food challenge and security problem. For sure, more has to be done. Hopefully more corporates would take similar meticulous actions for larger scale impacts.

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