written by: LYU Yizhe Eleanor

You may still remember the eye-catching daily prophet with moving portraits and sounds in Harry Potter movies. Honda CR-V’s latest TVC mimics the creative execution from the magical world in the talking high school yearbook photos Super Bowl TVC [1] ! The characters are no longer Professor Dumbledore or Sirius Black, they are contemporary A-list celebrities delivering inspiring encouragement for people who want to chase their own dreams. The choices of celebrities chosen vary in gender, age and career, like Stan Lee, Steve Carell, Amy Adams, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Missy Elliott and many more. The animated creative with talking celebrities is certainly getting a lot of attention (over 10 Million views on YouTube alone)

Honda positioned the CR-V as a great vehicle for young people and their growing families. According to a survey from Elite Daily [2] in 2015, 71% of young adults would rather buy a car than lease one and 43% are likely to purchase a vehicle in the next five years. The message in the TVC reads: “If you want to make an album, make an album!”; “If you want to make a universe, make a universe!” Accordingly, the subtext seems to read like: “If you want to own a car, buy a car!”

50% of car owners regard “expected reliability” as the most important factor in their purchase decisions (2015 Initial Quality Study from J.D. Power [4]). Honda wraps up the last seconds of the TVC with the line: “Here’s to chasing dreams and the amazing places they lead”, showing a 1997 CR-V (the car that appears in the first Super Bowl ad in 1997) and its evolvement to the new version 20 years later. Honda has never severs its promotions with its long-lasting slogan/philosophy [5], “The Power of Dreams” . This is how the brand that pursues dreams connects with quality, persistence and reliability. It is also a nice touch to insert Honda’s classic audio brand signature (sound) in the beginning of the TV commercial.

Honda is very careful in capitalizing on the love for “nostalgic” on the social media. Honda first releases the TVC on Twitter on a Throwback Thursday, a trend that people share old photos on social media. This special day just echoes with the “Yearbooks” concept. As a result, the #PowerOfDreams together with #ThrowbackThursday swept over Twitter and the original post gets over 10,000 likes [6] in three days. The Honda official Twitter account also keeps conversing with people who shared their feedbacks.

The Honda Talking High School Yearbook campaign is clever twist for “Honda to remain Honda, and for everyone to realize their aspirations, …. believe in “The Power of Dreams”.

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