written by: YUEN, Denise Arielle

The advertising campaign of LOTO7 in Japan has its inception since 2013. The creative concept features a plot of an office drama, using a creative execution combining exaggerated emotion and humor, very typical Japanese style. Each of the 30-second episodes continues what is left off from the last episode, the long lasting campaign is both unique and hilarious and certainly attracting a lot of eyeball. The 18th latest episode has been released in February, 2017.

Key Message
The key message of the campaign focuses on the tremendous amount of prize money – up to 400 to 1000 Million Yen – that could be won by anyone with a seemingly insignificant LOTO7 ticket. Even for people who are usually not interested in lotteries, it could be a different story when it comes to LOTO7!

A Closer Look at Communication Effectiveness
For perspective consumers, the draw comes from the exceptionally high prize money. The question of “Do you know the prize money could be as high as XXX Million?” is asked repeatedly. This is an rational approach for cognitive/awareness effect. If the spirit of LOTO is equal chance of winning for everyone, the message is a strong persuasion to perspective consumers: Why not give it a try with just a small amount of wager?

For current consumers, the resonance comes from acceptability of the act of buying LOTO7 in face of all the work pressure and politics in the office. When it is an open secret that a lot of people in the office is buying LOTO7, the fear of isolation/being judged is dismissed.

Brand building for lottery service is not easy to manage as it is always associated with the negativity of gambling and greediness for money. To handle the concern, a positive reminder is subtly included in various episodes that read “Money cannot buy your dream”. The humor and the hilarious twist in the story plot create a somewhat positive attitude for the brand. Furthermore, the cast of well-known actors using their own names (Tsumabuki Satoshi 妻夫木聰; Toshiro Yanagiba 柳葉敏郎), makes the audience chuckle and highly increases consumer approval.



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Components contributing to the success of the ad campaign
Key Message
–> It is clear, straight-forward and catchy
Repeated Punch Line: “你的夢想能用錢買到嗎?”
–> Subtle reminder that relates to consumer’s reasoning process before leading to action
Product Placement
–> The product-LOTO7 itself repeatedly appears in the 30-sec ad
Sales Channel
–> Shows “where to buy LOTO” in the ad
–> The same theme music in every episode, for easy recognition and association with LOTO7
Attractive Actors
–> Attractive and well-known cast that cater to a vast group of audience
4-year intriguing and long-lasting storyline
–> Its unexpected twist of story plots fuels up audience expectation for the next episode!