written by: Tsai Li Luan, Lawrence

Common street scene, PX Mart’s plastic bags, fashionable youth with an attitude standing in stylish pose, straightforward but interesting monologue, strong cinematic creative execution – concisely summarizes the expression of PX Mart’s “Economize Fashion” campaign.

Photo credit: 全聯福利中心 Facebook Fanpage

Strategic considerations behind the single-minded brand campaign
PX Mart is the largest supermarket chain in Taiwan with close to 900 outlets. It is famous for its hard-discount sales tactics. The core brand value consistently anchors on “value for money” since 2006. Top of mind brand awareness whirls around the same message through its heavily promoted “truly cheap” [1] ad campaign series, which are both hilarious and distinct. The strategy lasts until 2015 when PX Mart solidly landed a leading position in market and value share in Taiwan. The second place on the list, Wellcome, is very much afar with only about 200 outlets.

The senior management of PX Mart figures the only way to expand the business is to enlarge the clientele base to include the young adults segment [2]. The primary customer sources of PX Mart are those aged between 30 to 50. The young adults market, on the other hand, is totally under-developed. As these young adults will eventually grow up and join the crowd, it is quite logical for PX Mart to target them with a scalable campaign.

However, the young adults segment usually craves for fashionable taste and lifestyle, and totally distant from PX’Mart’s value-for-money” ideology. Young adults may feel embarrassed or rustic if they need to shop at PX Mart.

Inventing an unlikely association: crossover of “truly cheap” and “fashionable”
“Economize Fashion” [3] is the answer created to the question. To convince young adults that being frugal may not be a bad thing because the lessened expense in groceries are actually them to make good use of the money saved to pursue their preferred fashionable lifestyle. As such the “truly cheap” core value is extended nicely to cover grace the new target segment.

Capitalize on Social media platform
The 17-part “Economize Fashion” ad series lasts only 15 seconds each. The simple messages are totally fit for YouTube video ad and handy to spread through Facebook without annoying audiences. The content of the ad could be re-created easily by audiences. PX Mart thus launches a “write your own fashion declaration” campaign, winner could get cash coupons by posting their own creative lines and a photo of him/herself carrying PX Mart’s plastic bag on Facebook with hashtag #EconomizeFashion.

With the help of social media, PX Mart has reinvented its brand reputation with extensively positive word of mouth.

PX Mart is an excellent example of how to strike a balance between the new/young clientele and traditional main stream customers. Although the success of brand rejuvenation requires sustainable brand marketing efforts, the “Economize fashion” campaign surely find a new path for PX Mart’s future business. The same concept has since been used until now with lots of new applications anchoring on the same “BIG Idea”.

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