written by Leung Lok Hei, Dawn

On 19 October, Singapore Airlines posted a video on their Youtube channel and Facebook page. It has got 700K views on Youtube and also over 45K reactions on Facebook.

Single-minded Message
In the ad video, Singapore Airlines demonstrate the message of “no detail too small” by storytelling through miniature cooking . Delivering a precise and concise message, the ad is acclaimed by some: miniature dishes are cooked as the food served in the flights of the airline, it implicates that Singapore Airlines would never overlook any details when serving its customers, no matter how small the detail is. It emphasizes two very crucial brand values of Singapore Airlines , quality services and authentic meals. Riding on the trend of miniature cooking widely published on social media nowadays, it is no doubt attracting the eyeball of an on-line crowd with related interest.
Is it effective?
Singapore Airlines has earned the position as one of Asia’s leading airlines with its superb service quality. The company is commended with an abundance of awards over the years and is well-liked by the premium travelling segment.

The shift of ad focus from using Singapore Girls to customer service starts in 2013. Singapore Girls has been the strong brand icon (40 years) to provide the services and the marketing focus. With the ad being featured on the company’s own social media channel, brand recognition is not a concern. However, bearing in mind one of the basic essences of social media is to trigger sharing along with likes and comments, the extent of brand recognition could be blurred with the absence of strong a brand icon when it is shared. If the logo of Singapore Airlines is covered up, the ad could well be applied to a hotel or restaurant. Some audience may even think that the video is just another miniature cooking demonstration, and somehow short of originality in brand attitude.

In addition, the effectiveness of communication on Facebook and YouTube channels for premium business travelling segment is yet to conclude for they may be the crowd who frequent the social media channels a lot.

Most importantly, the ad may run into the risk of spurring unplanned negative sentiments towards the company. Some people commented that the film is not at all realistic as the authentic cuisine would only be served in business and first class when the real deal at economy class is a totally different story. Similar reference could be made to the recent “Happiness First” Café de Coral ad campaign featuring well-liked local celebrity Dayo Wong (黃子華). Once a fragment of customers starts the spiral of complaints on social media, it would become hard to contain.

Some new considerations
One suggestion is to insert more prominent and original brand elements of the company, be it the color or the classic Singapore Girls. The company has to make sure that the service featured in the ad is as good as the real deal, such as the creative executions on miniature seats and legroom in the other videos produced by the company. To conclude, although the ad is doing a good job in giving a clear single-mind message, the company could be more cautious in choosing the core brand elements and the main target audience to focus on.