written by: Leung Yue Hoi, Catherine

SK-II has been promoting #ChangeDestiny as its core brand value since 2015. This caters the effect of their hero product ingredient, PiteraTM, which overcomes the constraint of DNA, enables women to keep crystal clean skin regardless of age. Similarly, #ChangeDestiny emphasizes breaking traditional views and encourages women to go beyond limits by empowering them. In order to sustain the message of #changedestiny, SK-II organized Beauty Bound Asia Season II in February 2017. It is a regional competition among beauty creators from 8 Asia countries.

Crossover with Beauty Creators and utilize social media
Seth Sandeep, the Chief Marketing Officer of SK-II Global, acknowledges the increasing importance of digital beauty influencers. SK-II makes use of beauty creators and the social media platforms to reach its younger target segment with age under 30.They are usually curious about the effectiveness of SK-II products. The crossover projects a younger image for this traditional high-end brand. Beauty creators become the indirect intermediary sales agent for SK-II to reach potential consumers. Classic KOL buzz marketing with positive word-of-mouth to influence their followers with videos and posts with high SK-II brand visibility. In addition, all videos uploaded about Beauty Bound come with relevant hashtags. Beauty creators are also encouraged to use different online media to maximize the amount of views and popularity in the final round of challenge.

Reality Show
A series of reality shows are filmed throughout the competition. This caters the taste of public who favors intense and dramatic videos. All videos are short clips less than six minutes which further suits for the trend of quick-consumption. Since the campaign was organized by SK-II, and all challenges were about selling its product in the creators’ unique way. It became normal to have products featured in videos without feeling annoyed. Product placement can be done effectively, with an abundance of product knowledge introduction and soft selling.

The final episode is filmed in Okinawa under the theme of #facethewild, beauty creators are required to promote SK-II products in extreme conditions. The video shows how the beauty creators grow in confidence over time when they are mentally and physically challenged. The progress of self-development and breakthrough limitations is in concert with the core brand value of changing destiny through persistence.

Overall, the campaign created a win-win condition for both beauty creators and SK-II. For the creators, they gain more followers and recognition by being featured in the SK-II channels for free. At the same time, SK-II is able to reach out its secondary target and connect to younger generations. It also helped to promote #changedestiny message by empowering the local beauty creators. Even though the social norms may not encourage people to be online opinion leaders, this event helped to stimulate the growth of online beauty creators’ community. With some innovative twist, Beauty Bound Asia is very likely to become a scalable campaign and become a real people campaign of SK-II.