written by: Tung Wing Yu, Ruby

Screencap from: https://youtu.be/irfd74z52Cw

Background: #changedestiny
The #changedestiny campaign [1] is a worldwide promotion initiative of SKII’s brand philosophy since 2015. It is a campaign empowering women to go beyond their perceived limitations to pursue their dreams. The pursuit should not be bounded by concern related to age, appearance, background or alike. Promotion stories varies by region/market but all converged to the same idea. SKII products, offering the benefit of keeping women’s skin-age young, subtly echoes the same philosophy. Creative executions usually cover both on-line and offline channels. A unique SKII community is formed when lots of SKII users, KOLs and female celebrities all over the world are posting their dream chasing stories with hashtag #changedestiny.

An Inspiring Implementation of #changedestiny in China
Women not married over the age of 25 are often labeled ‘shen nu’ (‘leftover’ women) in China. The marriage market in the People’s Park Shanghai is a weekend match making event for desperate parents to help their ‘leftover’ single child to find their potential other half by selecting from a ‘portfolio’ of matching ads.

The SKII “marriage market takeover” campaign [2] brings out the message that all women shall have the right control their own destiny. It physically features personal messages from hundreds of independent women at the People’s Park.

A documentary telling the stories of selected single women is produced. It features a dialogue of reconciliation with their parent’s expectations on the subject of being single. The inspiring video is posted on YouTube in April 2016. It gathers over 2 million views and extensive worldwide media coverage. This campaign goes viral quickly in China and is continuing its noise and impact globally [3] beyond Asian market.

Chinese thinks that all women need to be married to make a happy and perfect life. SKII breaks this norm by asking single women to hang their ‘real’ thoughts of being single on a board. The takeover of the marriage market is a statement to show that they do not want to marry someone whom they do not love in order to look perfect and normal.

Built an Emotional Tie
SKII is positioned as a high-end brand in the skincare market. It is famous for its facial treatment essence (神仙水) which is often a top-of-mind product for the brand. With this campaign, SKII is building an emotional tie with an extended portfolio of female users. The notion of dream chasing is a brand attitude in concert with the rising feminism in the Chinese society. Spending power of women becomes higher than it is ever before. The campaign strengthens the SKII brand image in the eyes of all agile and independent women. They are less likely to conform to social norms and needs encouragement to stay confident. SKII is the #changedestiny agent as it promises to keep age less relevant to dreams.

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