written by: Fung Tsz Wai, Ruby

Bossini is a well-known Hong Kong fast fashion brand established in 1987. The vision of Bossini is to be the most preferred everyday wear brand [1]. Recently, it launched a series of advertising campaign named “Move On n’ Beyond” to celebrate its 30th Anniversary. The campaign encourages individuals to break the routine by stepping forward to pursue their dreams. One simple step can make great differences, happiness and enjoyment can be achieved in the goal-pursuing journey.

Photo credit: Bossini website

Bossini’s efforts to make a difference
In order to get to know more about the receptiveness of the brand building efforts, I made a small market experiment yesterday at Telford Plaza. I spent half an hour standing outside the shop and observe. I found that majority of people who are interested in Bossini are middle-aged, the young adults are not so keen to patronize the shop.

Bossini attempts to reinforce its position to the young adults segment. “Move On n’ Beyond” encourages young adults to pursue their dreams and step out of their comfort zone. “試過先知 原來做到” (Translation: You only know you can do it if you try) as one of the taglines for the promotion. Bossini has invited different artists to accept challenges, adhering to the theme of exploring potentials. The challengers are acting as role models to induce mass sentiments. In terms of effectiveness, the videos averagely get 100K views on the official Facebook. It is an encouraging result as their previous post mostly gets two-digits numbers of likes.

A photography competition with hashtag #MoveOnNBeyond is held and a large scale POP-UP store is set up in Causeway Bay. The integrated marketing communication, especially the videos shared on social media [2] may attempts help Bossini to build a more vibrant and trendy image for Bossini.

Some insights on campaign effectiveness
For brand building integrated marketing communications, it is perhaps necessary to observe the “one voice” principle. Promotions need to have a clear story line supporting one main theme (the ‘BIG IDEA’). Sound bites generated may be hard to sustain if the promotion tactics are just a combination of unrelated elements, which falls into the trap of being ‘just- gimmicky”.

Is “Move On n’ Beyond” a suitable storyline to celebrate Bossini’s 30th anniversary?
Capitalizing on the celebration for the brand’s 30th anniversary to make a mark is both logical and appropriate. If “Happy living” is the stated core brand mission of Bossini [3], it would be great to make use of the occasion to frame a more coherent brand story instead of putting together “gimmicky executions” for piecemeal consumer appeal customers.

For example: Why is melon bun tasting is offered at the Pop-up store? Why is tongue-twister relevant to fashion for young adults? How does Move on n’ Beyond supports the brand value happy living? There is a fine difference between marketing objectives and communication objectives. The former mostly relates to business objectives and the ladder to building brand attitude, awareness, acceptance, or specific behavioral actions.

When the message is told again and again…
#BeFree #Explore #Runfastliveslow# LivetheFullest #Don’tbeafollower #BelieveinYourself are some of the messages used in the TVC [4]. I can’t help to think that they are a bit dis-oriented and perhaps too much to digest in one go; thus hindering the effectiveness for Bossini to stand out from the crowd and to make the brand unique and memorable. Bossini may have to work harder to repackage the brand and re-invent itself to appeal to the fashion conscious young adults. I think the campaign had some achievements in brand awareness but doubt its ability to covert awareness into acceptance, connection and ultimately purchase interests.

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