written by: Liu Jia Qi, Tina

Photo from: http://www.digitaling.com/articles/32914.html

Daily C is a juice brand of Wei-Chuan (味全) entering the Chinese market in 2001. It used to print its big logo on the bottle label and the 14-year-old label design had become the classic product image of Daily C. However, Daily C is gradually regarded as an out-date brand with sluggish sales. Daily C thus redesigned its packaging in 2016 into three different face-lifted series.

(1) Reason Bottle: Various reasons of drinking the juice, such as “you want to be beautiful”, are printed to remind consumers to take care of themselves.

(2) Hi Bottle: Allow space for people to write their own message. Something like “Hi, you looks so pretty today” would be good to give out as a small gift. The Hi Bottles are about caring for others.

(3) Word Bottle: One Chinese character is printed on the label of every bottle. When several bottles of Daily C are put together, a warm sentence such as “I miss you” could be formed. Consumers are getting creative on this one and invented a lot of hilarious sentences with those bottles.

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The incremental cost for the new packaging is minimal. By encouraging consumers to interact with the brand off-line, Daily C has created a lot of sharable contents on-line, generating an abundance of conversations on the social media platforms.

Establish a Younger Brand Image
Behind the new packaging is a simple yet important consumer insight: Compared to “quality”, “health” or “ingredient”, young people are more likely to be touched by the emotionally stimulating catch-phrases. Attend to their concern, use their language, however trivial, to engage. Then they would be willing to spend money, and even voluntarily help your brand with sharable contents.

Build Emotional Tie with Low involvement Product
A new selling point/reason to buy is created. In the past, people buy Daily C for its flavor and nutrition. Now, they also buy the juice for its packaging. After a tiring work-day, a white-collar may buy a bottle of carrot juice just for the “you have worked very hard” label on it. Daily C is now a brand that carries care and affection, with more to offer than functional benefits.

Photo from: https://kknews.cc/news/jv4emxy.html

Packaging (Advertising) to Sell
The new packaging campaign is also successful in promoting sales. The brand has achieved a year-on-year growth of 40 percent in 2016 [1]. The normal off-season average sales decrease in winter for refrigerated cold beverages is about 15 percent. Daily C has recorded an increase of 7 percent last winter, out-performing the market average.
Daily C has found its way to re-invent its classic brand image and build a new relationship with younger consumers. For brand-building to make a difference, it is indeed a strategic imperative to understand the sentiment of its consumers. Daily C has done a great job with a low-cost packaging twist.