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Campaign “世界命題” Makes Fujifilm One of A Kind

written by: Siu Ji Chin Jovita
edited by: Project Supervisor Dr. Clara Kan

Fujifilm’s digital camera X-Series advertising campaign “世界命題 ” is differentiating its brand image from other camera brands. The advertisements use Human’s eyes and camera to capture the absurdity of society while conducting a dialogue with social and environment issues.

Fujifilm “世界命題” campaign TVC series:

 Original, “Wow”, Excellent Brand building

Fujifilm is selling its brand, by developing an original style which differentiated it from other digital camera brands in this campaign.


  1. Unique choice of celebrity
    In this era of standardized beauty, other digital camera brands like Canon and Nikon all featured good-looking celebrities or models like Kimura Takuya (木村拓哉 ) for Nikon and <XXX> for Canon.
    But Fujifilm adopted an original and unique strategy, they invited an elder Japanese actor with dwarfism, Mame Yamada, to represent “Human” throughout this series of ads. Dwarfism is mysterious and odd to many. They may not be able to totally merge into the society’s routine easily. Sometime they may feel marginalized and remain as an outsider to observe the society. This concept is very interesting and can easily arouse audience’s attention.
  2. Beauty in Imperfectness
    The use of strange antique characters and setting makes the advertisement unforgettable. For example, woman with tattoos represents cat being abandoned, man with geisha makeup represents destructive nuclear energy. The visual impact brought to audience is remarkable, as most digital camera advertisements would show how their camera can take perfectly harmonious photos with beautiful landscape and flawless people. Fujifilm chose the total opposite, and that made it “wow”.


It suits Fujifilm’s brand slogan, “Value for Innovation”, which shapes its personality of being one of a kind.

Highly relatable topics

The four advertisements released are about nuclear energy, abandonment, poverty and integrity, which are problems we encounter every society at large. Audience easily resonate to the content. This creates a humanistic image, creates emotional ties and attachment that bonds the audience and Fujifilm. This series is well-liked. A clear indicator is more than two hundred thousands of views and few thousands of likes and shares of the advertisement Facebook post.


Released in great timing

In the ad about integrity, a political candidate is soliciting support, he admitted he had the qualification to be a councillor, however, not qualified as a human being. Fujifilm smartly utilized the timing to release this advertisement, right before the Hong Kong Legislative Council election. Audience are much more concerned about politics in that period than any time of the year, make it easier for the ad to catch consumer attention.


Despite the innovativeness of the campaign, some people expressed that they do not understand what the ads are talking about, as its idea is too “new”. Though sales momentum of the digital camera X-series is strong in Asian regions (source: Fujifilm financial report,, Fujifilm did not enter the top three most popular camera brands back in its country of origin, Japan (source: This campaign may be able to consolidate its innovative image to some, but there is still a long way for Fujifilm to takeover Canon and Nikon.


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Perhaps, Facebook may not be as open and connected as it claims


Credits: Inge Grødum

Two weeks ago, the press from Norway made a fuss about Facebook’s decision to remove a photo titled “Napalm Girl” on its site since it contains child nudity. It is widely known that this photo and the story behind carry a powerful message with great historical value. By removing the photo, Facebook not only raised questions on its vague “community standards” but also its abuse of power to suppress freedom of expression.

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